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Challenges Facing The Library At West Africa Theological Seminary, Affiliate Of University Of Nigeria

Challenges Facing The Library At West Africa Theological Seminary, Affiliate Of University Of Nigeria


The library has become a spot depended with the procurement, association, conservation, stockpiling, recovery and scattering of data in whatever design it may show up” (Angolan and Alissa 1993, ix). West Africa biblical theological seminary Library is at the intersection. The customary library practices and current mechanical advances must be created and grasped in the event that it is to be pertinent in this data age. It is an extremely exorbitant cost which must be paid in any case the library will inevitably become like the incredible character who rested for a long time at Ga skill Mountain in Gulliver’s Travels and in the end woke up to locate the world totally changed.


The historical backdrop of the above theological school could be sensibly followed to the notable appearance by two American ministers (Rev. Dr. also, Rev. Mrs. Gary Maxes) who drove a gathering of Nigerian and ostracized Christians to Worrier, IMO State, Nigeria in April 1989. (The Maxes had at first worked respectably in strict training in Port Harcourt for a long time). The foundation of the theological school in 1989 was a functional exhibit of the need to effectively take an interest in the preparation of ministers, evangelists, preachers and educators in Nigeria as well as in different pieces of the mainland and the west. By and by, the theological school is the biggest non-denominational fervent blessed theological school in Nigeria that has pulled in understudies from an expansive range of Nigerian Christian categories, (and) ethnic gatherings. During an as of late finished semester, WATS has understudies from thirty of Nigeria’s states, from more than forty language gatherings, from (a few) other African nations, and from well more than eighty distinctive church gatherings (West Africa Theological Seminary Prospectus 2004, 5).

The name of the theological college was changed from Wesley International Theological Seminary to West Africa Theological Seminary on 1 June 2001, the very year it moved to 35/37 MM International Airport Road, Lagos, Nigeria. The foundation is associated to the University of Sukarno, Nigeria and by and by offers a few projects of study including : Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Diploma in Theology, Certificate in Computer Studies, Diploma in Computer Studies, M.A. in Biblical Studies, Master of Divinity, M.A. in Christian Leadership and M.A. in Intercultural Studies. The theological college began distributing the West Africa Theological Seminary Journal in 2002.

One of the prompt plans of the theological college is to robotize its library assortment. An urgent viewpoint is to distinguish programming that will have the option to address the issues of the theological college. In choosing programming, the theological school must think regarding systems administration and remember that mechanization programs regularly need yearly help expenses.


It is a clich√© that “the library is the operational hub of instructive organizations’ ‘ (Liliuokalani and Salish 1993, vii) and West Africa Theological Seminary Library is no exemption. This library utilizes the second release of the Anglo American Cataloging Rules (AACR2) and the 20th version of Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC 20). The card index is separated, “a record of creators and titles kept in a solitary sequential request and a document of subject cards in sequential order request” (New-hall 1970, 38) and the recording framework is letter by letter, a framework wherein “passages are documented without thinking about the spaces between words” (Nwosu 2000, 61). There is a book index, which contains the ventures (undergrad and graduate) presented by understudies of the theological college and a few individuals from staff who concentrated in different foundations.

In 2003 the library profited by a membership paid by As bury Theological Seminary to utilize the ATLA (American Theological Library Association) Database on CD Rom. This is an extensive apparatus intended to help strict instruction and workforce research. The library serves understudies, scholarly and authoritative staff of the theological college and outer clients (scholastic staff and understudies from other religious foundations).

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