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Video Slot Machines for Women

Video Slot Machines for Women

Which are the most evident video slot machines focused at a female crowd? Without wishing to sound excessively chauvinist, it regularly appears as though slot machine games, like judi slot online, are focused on men, with slots like Hit man, or Super Hero themed slots that are the preserve of comic book geeks.

So here are a few slots that have more female well disposed topics to them

1) Kitty Glitter – you can’t beat a slot brimming with charming fluff ball cats can you? Kitty Glitter depends on an entire scope of felines and has 30 win lines, in addition to an astute jewel reward that builds your rewards. Also, on the off chance that you are not having a lot of karma, who doesn’t care for taking a gander at photographs of felines?

2) Ladies Nite – Ladies Nite has totes, make up, aroma, mixed drinks and more among its various images that hope to engage any woman liking a major evening to remember. Think about what triggers the reward game – a shirtless man holding drinks – all sounds ideal from the ladylike viewpoint.

3) Sex and the City – the well known TV arrangement including Sarah Jessica Parker and her numerous companions with a ravenous craving for men has brought forth a penny slot that you can discover in US casino. It should just involve opportunity before this comes online.

4) Hot City – this is obviously a Sex and the City “roused” slot will we say, with comparable music, female characters, ring and satchels as images, while the Hot City reward game includes picking various sets of creator shoes to get prizes and tree turn rewards. Need we state more!

With an ever increasing number of ladies being pulled in by online bingo, there is no uncertainty there will be more slot machines games with a female turn – please architects, rouse us!

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